for sale by owner bend

With home values continuing to improve in Bend and across Central Oregon many home owners are considering selling their homes themselves.

Although the average homeowner might think that for sale by owner (FSBO) is the easy way for them to sell their home, and save money, it’s far from easy and the average homeowner in Bend usually will make these three common mistakes.

Pointing out Flaws in Their Home

Most homeowners are honest hardworking people but the reality is that honesty can lose any homeowner money especially when they point out perceived flaws in their home.

A home buyer will take any flaw that they find in a home as a reason to submit a lower offer and a homeowner won’t realize that they are setting themselves up to lose thousands of dollars because they had a candid conversation with a home buyer about their house.

The Home Was Not Up To Code

Many homeowners will make the mistake of trying to sell their homes when one or more parts of their home are not up to code.

For example: converted garages are one of the most common examples of a home that’s not up to code because, the homeowner converted the garage to a bedroom years ago and never obtained the proper permits for that conversion.

When a home is found to be not up to code the home buyer will once again either submit a much lower offer to the homeowner than they originally expected or they will ask the homeowner to fix these problems before they purchase the home.

Poorly Decorated Home

Last of all, but most important, another reason why most homeowners are not able to sell their Bend Oregon homes themselves is because they didn’t take the time to properly decorate or “stage” their home for sale.

Staging is really one of the most important parts of selling a home because, it helps the home buyer to see the home as a “blank canvas” that’s also beautiful and envision themselves living there.

If a home has outdated furniture, hasn’t been painted in years or has old fixtures, most home buyers will submit lower offers because once again the home will need work until it’s in “liveable” condition for the home buyer.

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