Annual Real Estate Trends

Annual Market Study | Full Report

The following tables of data reflect three separate categories of real estate sales in Bend, Oregon; Single Family Residential, Residential on Acreage and Bare Lots/Land. The data is compiled on a monthly basis from the local MLS database and is considered to be accurate but by no means guaranteed. The underlying principle of the following real estate statistics and sales trends is to provide our clients with unparalleled information and a thorough account of the Bend, Oregon real estate economy. There are two prerequisites for reliable statistical data, a complete definition of the data (in other words the scope of the criteria used to compile the data) and to analyze the information over a period of time. We began compiling the majority of the data in January 2007, with the exception of Residential on Acreage, which we started in August of 2007. Each month we will continue to populate these tables with current real estate sales data; however the information presented here includes only a portion of the data I compile. Each month we also distribute a report, broken down into specific value ranges for each of these property types. If you would like to receive the monthly report please contact us.

Each data table includes Bend, Oregon real estate listings and sales; however the MLS database allows me to search the Bend area, as a result the data is not limited to the city limits (within the Urban Growth Boundary) of Bend.

Data Source

This market study was compiled from information provided by the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) of Central Oregon.  Although not all property exchanges and transactions take place as a part of the MLS system, it does include a significant majority.


This report includes properties within the Bend Urban area and closely surrounding areas.  It does not include any other areas of Central Oregon.  Redmond, Sunriver, Sisters or other communities are not included.


This report was prepared in January of 2022 and includes sales figures and data from 2009 through 2021.

Report Includes

This report is divides into sections by property type, including: Bend Homes, Homes on Acreage, Condominiums and Townhomes, Residential Lots, Lots on Acreage and Multi-Family Units.

Days On The Market

Number of days from the listing date to the close of escrow, excluding the escrow period. In 2020, the MLS of Central Oregon changed software/database providers. The former provider calculated days on market (DOM) including the escrow period. The new provider excludes the escrow period. As a result some of the historical data is different; however we have retroactively extracted the data through 2015.

Single Family Homes

Single family homes predominantly within the Urban area and situated on sites of approximately one acre or less.

Homes on Acreage

Single family homes within and outside of the Bend Urban area on sites larger than one acre.

Condominiums & Townhomes

Attached and/or zero lot line detached dwellings primarily within the Urban area.

Residential Lots

Bare residential building sites of one acre or less.

Residential Lots on Acreage

Bare residential building sites of two acres or more.  For this data set, individual transactions were reviewed for accuracy.  In some cases individual transactions were eliminated from the data pool to more reliably reflect the market trend of residential building sites.  Listings that were entered into MLS for comparable purposes, and/or transactions that appeared to include large parcels of developable land not sold as residential land on acreage were excluded.

Multi-Family Residential

Residential duplexes up to large apartment buildings.  Primarily duplexes, triplexes and quadplexes.

Section Average vs. All Area Average

These charts compare the data from each of the four sections of the Bend Urban area, including: NW, SW, NE & SE to the data that includes all four areas.  To facilitate the interpretation of the graph, a blue bar representing the all area value is included next to each bar indicating the specific area being reported.