Mountain House

The January 2014 Bend Oregon Real Estate market was “cooler” than usual but thankfully it picked up in February, following the same pattern as the rest of the country.

Thanks to a recent report from we know that inventories of homes for sale across the United States actually rose by 10% in February 2014, compared to the same time last year, and with 1.7444 million units for sale across the United States, more sellers are feeling optimistic that it’s the right time to list their home for sale.

Median Home Price Nationwide

Across the United States the median list price for a home is $199,000 and that’s 7.6% higher than the same time last year.

Right now the median age of inventory is 114 days and that statistic also increased by 6.5% as well.

In a recent interview Steve Berkowitz CEO of Move, Inc. said this about the state of the housing market across the United States: “Overall, these figures indicate a continued reinforcement of steady gains and market stabilization that we’ve been watching since late last summer”.

The Right Time to Sell

Not only are homes coming onto the Bend Oregon Real Estate market sooner this year compared to years past, more sellers are also increasing the asking prices for their homes as well so when both factors are evaluated the market is looking ripe for any seller who has been looking for the perfect conditions to sell their homes.

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