Kitchens, bathrooms and curb appeal are the things that Realtor’s tell you that you should look at when inspecting Bend Oregon homes but what about electric panel boxes?

The electric panel box literally is the heart of the home and what most people don’t know is that if it has too much rust or corrosion on the inside of the box this is a recipe for disaster that’s waiting to happen for any homeowner or home buyer.

Moisture Problem

When you’re checking out Bend Oregon Homes for sale you should always inspect the electric panel box of any home because, if the box has moisture in it at all this is a sure fire sign that the moisture is making its way into the box because, there is a leak somewhere in the roof or siding of the home that’s allowing moisture to make its way into the box and this moisture migration could ultimately lead to a catastrophic failure or fire unless repairs are made. 

A Nationwide Problem

Thanks to statistics from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers we know that moisture migration is responsible for causing damage to 12% of electrical panel boxes in homes across the United States and what’s even worse is that 40% of electrical panel boxes will suffer a catastrophic failure resulting in fire to the box or even fire to the home.

Normal Moisture or Not?

Home inspectors will tell you that most electrical panel boxes in Bend Oregon Homes have “normal” moisture but the reality when it comes to electrical components you wouldn’t let your flat screen TV or computers get wet so why would you want to let your electrical panel box accumulate moisture? Especially when it’s responsible for the power that’s supplied to your home?

If you’re planning on buying a home in Bend and you notice its electrical panel box has rust or obvious damage from moisture you owe it to yourself to make sure that the box is sealed and repaired so that it will stay dry all year long once you move into your new Bend Oregon Home.

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