USDA mortgage

Rural Home Buyers Breathe A Sigh Of Relief 

Bend Oregon – Last year many people groaned with the USDA announced that they would be making changes to their list of towns that are eligible for  funding across the United States and the good news is that the USDA confirmed last Friday that changes which were expected to be implemented on January 15th, 2014 have been delayed and is now in a “holding pattern” until an appropriations bill is approved and changes are made to USDA mortgage loan eligible areas.

A Temporary Sigh Of Relief

Thanks to a USDA Mortgage, more Central Oregon residents will be able to buy homes without having to put any money down and this mortgage program has literally saved home buyers in Central Oregon, and across the United States, millions of dollars over the last five years as they’ve been able to purchase homes throughout the region.

With the proposed changes to the USDA Mortgage program still coming, it’s only a matter of time before people will find out that the home they would like to purchase doesn’t qualify for a USDA loan because, it’s no longer considered to be in a rural area.

More People Relocating To Oregon

A recent study by United Van Lines shows that 61% of moves to Oregon in 2013 were inbound moves as more people chose towns like Bend, Sunriver, Redmond and Prineville for their year around moderate weather, good business climate, no sales tax, technology advancements and of course great recreational activities.

Time To Buy Now

If you’ve been pre-approved for a USDA mortgage loan and are planning on buying a home in Central Oregon click here or call me today at (541) 383-1426.