“In our constantly busy contemporary world, we are relentlessly trying to defer the onset of winter…we may never choose to winter, but we can choose how we do it.  

I think that a lot of the pain of winter comes from the pain of our flinching away from it.”

Katherine May,  Author of Winter, The Power of Rest and Retreat

Elk Lake Cabin in the snow at sunset by Rich Bacon
Photo of Elk Lake by Rich Bacon for the Skjersaa Group 2020 Calendar.

I have always rejoiced in the Winter Solstice because we can celebrate the “return of light” on this magical, celestial day. The days will start to get longer, and the darkness will become less profound.   

Winter has always scared me. Admittedly, I’m afraid of the dark. I’ve used many tricks to tell myself that it will all be OK: stoking a fire, putting on a puffy coat, throwing a snowball, or heading out to ski. Still, I’m always longing to see the first crocus burst from the frozen ground and the birds begin to chirp the sounds of spring.

Yet, something happens when the darkness and the cold descends upon us.  We are forced to retreat, slow down, and evaluate our surroundings more acutely. Something in this pause allows us to redefine what is important. We hibernate and cocoon ourselves so we may emerge more resolved and powerful in our life’s purpose, and sense a renewed spirit.

This Winter Solstice we can all rejoice that the days are beginning to grow longer. We have the opportunity to help friends, neighbors, and strangers who may be struggling to find lightness in their heart, or who struggle to stay warm. May we all embrace this season with a sense of gratitude and generous spirit.

Wishing you a wonderful winter season.