By Jason Boone

So you’re planning on selling your Bend Oregon Home, but are you planning on staging it before you sell it?

In this post I will share with three reasons why staging your Bend Oregon home is vital to the success of getting your home sold.

Reason 1 – Staging Prepares Your Home for Sale

Although many people will sell their homes “as is”, the reality is that you can sell your Bend Oregon Home for up to $40,000 more than your asking price if you stage your home before selling it.

Staging your home will help you to prepare it as a “product” for sale and best of all enable you to remove the personal association you may have created with your home over the years.

Reason 2 – Staging Helps You to De-Clutter Your Home

One of the biggest problems many homeowners face when they list their homes is that clutter can actually turn off a home buyer and cause them to lose interest in a home, no matter if it would be the right home for them or not.


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By staging your home for sale you will have to deal with cleaning up the clutter because the goal with staging is also to create more space since that’s what buyers are searching for.

Reason 3 – Staging Will Help Your Realtor Sell Your Bend Oregon Home

Last of all, but most important, when you stage your Bend Oregon Home for sale you will be doing your part to help your Bend Oregon Real Estate agent sell our home since your agent won’t have to make any excuses or explanations for the shape that your home is in.


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