why hasn't my home sold

4 Simple Reasons Why Your Home Hasn’t Sold

By Jason Boone

As a long time Bend Oregon Realtor I’ve met homeowners from time to time who are frustrated because their home has been on the market but it hasn’t attracted the interest of buyers, and the homeowner wants to know why.

In 2014 home buyers are smarter than ever before. It also takes smart homeowners and Real Estate agents to find out why a home isn’t selling, what they can do to fix this problem and attract the interest from buyers who are searching the market for their next dream homes.

#1 – Your Home Is Overpriced

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The first reason why your house hasn’t sold yet is because it may be overpriced.

Buyers are more savvy in today’s world than they were 20 years ago and they can easily search their smart phones to find out how long a home has been on the market but most important of all they are able to find out if a home is overpriced or not.

If your home is overpriced you should consider pricing it slightly below market value so Real Estate Agents and buyers will feel like they are getting a great deal, or you should consider pricing it right at market value so buyer interest will determine what your home is really worth.

#2 – Your House Looks “Shabby”

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Most of us love design shows on TV like Shabby Chic but if the outside of your home looks “shabby” this might be stopping potential buyers from getting out of their vehicles and checking out your home.

If you’re really serious about answering the question “what isn’t my home selling?” you should spend a weekend cleaning up the outside of your home by improving your landscaping, painting your front door, power washing your driveway and doing everything you can to make sure that the outside of your home reflects the care and commitment which you’ve shown to the inside of your home.

#3 – No Real Marketing Plan

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Thanks to the Internet every Realtor has more resources than ever before for listing Real Estate and connecting with buyers.

If your home buying/selling expert isn’t offering you the best marketing program for your money this could be one of the reasons why your home hasn’t sold because, buyers aren’t able to find it online.

There are literally dozens of resources to choose from for marketing a home in 2014 rather than just having an open house so it’s best to sit down with your Realtor now rather than later to discuss their marketing plan for your home before another day goes by without interest from buyers in your home.

#4 You Didn’t Stage Your Home

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Last of all, but most important, one important reason why your home hasn’t sold yet could be due to the fact that you didn’t stage it for sale.

Lack of staging is also reflected in the pictures a Realtor takes of a house and if your listing has “scary pictures” buyers will continue searching for other new homes & communities rather than taking a serious interest in your home.

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To learn more tips on how to sell your home if it’s been on the market for a long time or to view the latest Bend Oregon Homes For Sale contact me, Jason Boone, Principal Broker at Duke Warner Realty | Skjersaa Group by calling me at (541) 383-1426 or by emailing me at jason@sgbend.com.