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What are the “hidden gems” in Real Estate? If you ask any home buyer they will tell you that the hidden gems are: updated kitchens, spacious bathrooms or open floor plans but the reality is that there really are more hidden gems in Real Estate than every home buyer realizes.

Awesome View

In a recent infographic released on 69% of Realtors surveyed said that a home with an amazing view could be considered one of the most important hidden gems in a home.

Other Realtor’s that were surveyed felt that neighborhood quality, great schools and a home with a new roof could be considered important hidden gems that any home buyer should be looking for in a home.

Quality Of Life

What’s interesting about the Active Rain survey is that most Realtor’s agreed that the features in a home that improve the home owner’s quality of life are:

  • Backs up to a green space
  • Outside living space
  • Extra yard space
  • Large yard

It seems like more Realtor’s are focusing on the features of a home that will ultimately improve the homeowner’s quality of life, enable them to enjoy it more and make memories there that will last for years to come.

Still Searching For Traditional Charm

Last of all, but most important, the Active Rain survey also shows us that Realtor’s are still searching for a home that has traditional charm like spacious closets, granite counter tops and a mud room which can be especially helpful if the home is a state that receives a lot of rain and snow during the year.

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