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The second week of January is traditionally the week for Bend Oregon Homeowners when they go back to work, and life gets back to normal after the holidays, and for many people the start of a brand new year means they will start thinking about making improvements to their homes.

Energy Efficiency

One of the first major home improvements that we will be seeing in homes across Bend this year is an increased focus on making homes energy efficient while making them environmentally friendly at the same time.

In 2014 more Bend Oregon Homeowners will be choosing automation technologies and applications that will enable them to cut down on their energy consumption from any location, using a mobile phone, tablet or portable device them to make changes their homes temperature and monitor its energy consumption.

Streamlined Kitchens

After reducing their homes energy consumption, Bend Oregon homeowners will turn their attention to their kitchens and will be installing “smart” appliances in their kitchens like new faucets and soap dispensers that are motion sensing and this step will eliminate the threat of germs in the home.

Security and Safety

Last of all, but most important, homeowners in Bend will be investing more in their homes security than in previous years by purchasing steel front doors, security glass windows and cameras so that they can monitor the insides of their homes from any location in the world thanks to the Internet.

Security, safety and innovation will be more affordable and easier to install than in years past since Bend Oregon homeowners will be able to make innovations and improvements to their homes to increase their energy efficiency, safety and ease of use for thousands of dollars less than in years past.

For more information on what improvements Bend Oregon Homeowners should make to their homes this year, or to view the latest Bend Oregon homes for sale, contact me today by calling (541) 383-1426.