Should I list my home myself?

This is a question that many Bend Oregon homebuyers have right now thanks to Real Estate websites like trulia.com, activerain.com and realtor.com but the reality that most homeowners have to face when considering selling their homes is the amount of work that will go into getting their home sold.

Finding Buyers

The first step towards selling a Bend Oregon home is finding homebuyers, and this involves advertising your home on the Internet plus in the local area.

Once you start receiving calls from prospective home buyers you will need to set appointments, and be ready to show your home on the buyers schedule, and this can mean being available either later in the evening hours or in the morning; this balancing of schedules can lead to schedule conflicts especially if you work fulltime.

Dealing with Negotiation

After you’ve received an offer on your home the next question that should be asked is are you ready to deal with negotiation should a prospective buyer find something wrong with your home that needs to be fixed and they ask you to reduce the price?

Many homeowners typically don’t have any negotiation skills at all and they will go down in price plus lose more money than they would have if they had worked with a professional Realtor.

Time for Contracts

With any Real Estate deal the core of buying or selling a Bend Oregon home is the contract and if you’re not skilled with reading a contract it can be very easy for you to come out losing money on the sale of your home that’s why it pays to have a skilled Bend Oregon Realtor on your side who will be your “Real Estate Advocate” and make sure that your best interests in the sale of your home are represented.

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