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February 2020 Market Trends for Bend Real Estate

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Photo of Three Creek Lake and Tam McArthur Rim by James Parsons

If you’ve lived in Central Oregon for many years like our team has, you know firsthand we can quickly go from living in a Winter Wonderland to balmy, mild days in “June-uary,” an interchangeable nickname for either a warm January or a cool June. With the holiday season behind us, and the promise of a […]

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New Market Trends for March 2019

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How much did Snowpocalypse 2019 affect the Bend-area real estate market? Not as much as you might think. Key indicators from the most current market trend data show a consistent, healthy real estate climate in Bend despite the record snowfall we received in February. Although the number of homes sold was down 14% from January […]

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Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae News

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  This summer when the Federal Government announced that they were no longer going to buy mortgage backed securities that shot up mortgage interest rates and sent the Real Estate market into a temporary state of shock until the Fed backed off on their plans. Last week the Federal Government announced that Freddie Mac and […]

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