Mt Bachelor

By Jason Boone

One of the great things about this winter is that it’s been another busy year for Mt. Bachelor and thanks to a recent article by we know that the resort is planning on staying open through May.

Meeting Snow Projections

Although snowfall may seem to be less than it was during his time last year, Mt. Bachelor is covered with snow and the company said recently that local mountains are close to receiving the same level of snowfall that we received last year.

Is The Internet Keeping Mt. Bachelor Open?

Thanks to websites like, Mt. Bachelor has received a bump in business during 2015 as skiers, snow boarders and snow lovers from Washington, Oregon and California have flocked to Mt. Bachelor to get their time in the snow.

Season Ticket Holders Slowing Down

One interesting thing to point out about this winter is that although Mt. Bachelor has seen an increase in use from people who have come here from parts of Oregon and other states, season ticket holders haven’t gone to the mountain that much this year due to fewer powder days.

There’s no denying that fresh powder will lure anyone to the mountain but the fact that Mt. Bachelor is still open is a miracle in of itself considering that much of Oregon, Washington and California are dealing with drought conditions and lack of snowfall.

For example: Did you know that both the Willamette Pass and Hoodoo have had their lifts closed for much of the winter thanks to low snowfall?

If you haven’t gone skiing yet this winter you should get to Mt. Bachelor while conditions are still perfect for a day on your skis or snowboard.

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