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Bend Oregon – As many homeowners in Bend are getting ready to sell their homes one of the most common questions that they have is “should I price my home while leaving enough room to negotiate?” and the answer to this question is no, you don’t have to price your home with room to negotiate if you price your Bend Oregon Home right in the first place

It All Starts With Your Realtor

The key to success when it comes to finding the right price for your Bend Oregon Home the key to success is having your Real Estate Agent do a comparable analysis of homes that have sold recently in your neighborhood, especially homes with similar features as yours like: bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and amenities like a pool or hot tub so you know exactly what price you should ultimately list your home at.

What Buyers Are Really Thinking

When an average buyer sees that a Bend Oregon Home has been sitting on the Real Estate market for a long time they will wonder if there is something wrong with that home.

Buyers will also especially pass up a home that’s priced way to high and if they do submit an offer it will be for less than the sellers asking price.

One Simple Goal

Your goal as a Bend Oregon Homeowner is to price your home at its fair market value so a Buyer’s Agent will recognize that you mean business and encourage their buyer to submit an offer on your Bend Oregon home if the buyer thinks that your home will be right for their family.

If your home is priced right from the very beginning you can eliminate any “guess work” on the buyers part since they will know that your home is priced at its fair market value and you won’t have to deal with low ball offers from buyers who are trying to offer you far less than what your home is really worth.

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