hardwood floor bend oregon

With 2014 quickly approaching one design trend that will remain popular next year is hardwood floors, and if you’re thinking about selling your Bend Oregon Home you should consider laying a hardwood floor because, this will help to increase the value of your home while helping your home to feel more spacious to home buyers.

Choosing the Right Hardwood Floor

The first step to choosing the right hardwood floor for your Bend Oregon home is to choose a hardwood floor that matches your own personal style and the décor of your home instead of installing one style of hardwood floor because, everyone else in your neighborhood is installing the same thing.

For 2014 dark hardwood floors will be the top floor style that you should consider because, dark woods like Jacobean and ebony help to give any home a contemporary feeling regardless of the age of the Bend Oregon Home.

What Hardwood Floors to Avoid

In 2014 one type of hardwood floor that you should avoid installing in your Bend Oregon Home is wood that has an orange or red tone because, those tones can make any home feel older or dated and instead of choosing wooden floors that have orange or red tones you should look for hardwood floors that have gold or brown tones.

Hardwood floors that have brown and gold tones are much easier to deal with when making decorating decisions for a room because, these colors are neutral, compared to hardwood floors that have red or orange tones in them because, the red and orange tones in the floor will always clash with any furniture or accessories that you buy for the room in your Bend Oregon Home while hardwood floors with gold or brown tones are neutral colors and you can choose any color or style of décor without wondering if the furniture with clash with your flooring.

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