In the Bend Oregon real estate market, staging a home is one of the most important things that any homeowner can do to help their homes attract the attention of potential home buyers, and sell quickly.

Yes, staging is one of the most successful things any homeowner can do to sell their homes but, it can also have another effect when a potential home buyer asks the homeowner to include all, or specific pieces of furniture with the sale of the home.

Don’t Annoy The Homeowner

Although some home buyers may be tempted to ask for furniture, appliances or more to be included with the sale of the home, sometimes asking the seller for too much might annoy the Bend Oregon homeowner, and make the sale of the home more troublesome than both parties expected.

Know Your Sales Agreement

Before the even submitting an offer on a home for sale in Bend Oregon, you must make sure that the sales agreement doesn’t say that the home will be sold as is, or has the term: “no stated value”, because the homeowner might be less inclined to include personal items like furniture, family heirlooms, artwork or antiques with the sale of their home.

Asking the homeowner to include their appliances, furniture or artwork with the sale of the home might be more difficult than expected because, most homeowners typically purchase their personal items over the years and their perceived value of those items might be different than what the value of those items actually are is in the mind of the home buyer.

If you’re in the process of buying a home, and you fallen in love with the furnishings that are in the living room, or the appliances that are in the kitchen of the home, it’s important to remember that furnishings and appliances can be found almost anywhere these days and that the real focus of the home buyer should be to get into the home first and then focus on furnishing it later, unless the buyer is able to pay cash for the home, and money is no object, since most lenders these days typically will have objections to financing the purchase of a home especially when personal items like furniture or appliances are included with the sale.

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