retiring bend oregon

In 2014 Bend Oregon is enjoying the distinction of being a place that many home buyers are choosing to purchase retirement homes but, sadly, very few home buyers who buy retirement homes in Bend are really thinking about what they should be looking for in a home that they will be living in as they age gracefully.

Finding the perfect home for retirement in Bend is actually a lot easier than you think and we’ve broken down exactly what you should be looking for.

One Level Floor Plan

Steps and stairs are not always convenient, especially if you’re in the later years of your life, that’s why it’s important to choose a floor plan that is all on one level because, having a stair free home means that you won’t have to navigate stairs or steps no matter how old you get.

Choose Hard Surfaces for Flooring

Although flooring can be changed once you move into a home you should ultimately choose hard flooring surfaces like tile, wood or laminate because, hard surfaces will make it easier for you to navigate through a home, especially as you age and potentially face the requirement of needing a walker or wheelchair to help with mobility.

Search for Pocket Doors

Pocket doors aren’t always on the top of a home buyers list but they are important, especially for older home buyers because, pocket doors can free up space in any home and make it easier for a home owner to get through doorways if they are using some form of assistance for movement.

Master Shower

Last of all, but most important, older home buyers should search for a home that has a master shower that’s big enough for them to place a special chair inside the shower so they can sit down and bathe.

It’s not easy for most people to get in and out of bathtubs as they age and having a big enough shower will make bathing a convenience that’s not to be missed as you age instead of a chore that’s to be avoided.

To learn more about what to look for in a Bend Oregon home for your retirement, or to view the wide variety of other Bend homes that were recently listed, contact me today by calling (541) 383-1426.