Bend Oregon Home For Sale

By Jason Boone


Are you thinking about selling or buying a home in Bend next year?


During the process of getting ready to enter the Real Estate market you will most likely encounter some Real Estate myths which may cause you to make wrong decisions which could delay your ability to successfully buy or sell a home.


In today’s post I’ll “debunk” some common real Estate myths so you will be able to separate fact from fiction.


Myth 1 – Real Estate Agents Push You to Buy Bigger Homes


False: Although many TV shows like House Hunters will spotlight Realtor’s showing their clients, who have qualified for mortgages, more expensive homes the reality is that Real Estate agents don’t make a lot of money from encouraging their clients to buy a more expensive home.


For example: Did you know that if a Real Estate agent encourages their client spend $10,000 more on a home they are only making about $150 more in commissions?


As a professional Real Estate agent my mission is to do what’s in your best interest and not to get the most money from each transaction because it’s also my goal to maintain a connection should you decide to buy or sell a home in the future.


Myth 2 – Make More Money When You Pay Less Commission


False: Discount Realtor’s or agents who charge less commission are out there but as with any service which you may use on a regular basis are you willing to pay less money for a service which you need to have performed well?


For example: Let’s say you’re hiring a lawyer; would you choose a discount lawyer who could cheaply perform the services you need or would you pay for the best lawyer especially if your life or finances depended on it?


Myth 3 – Realtors Get Kick Backs from Local Businesses


False: Since the early 1970’s it’s illegal for a Real Estate Agent to accept any type of “kickback” or perk from a local business for recommending buyers and sellers to use their services.


No Realtor who wants to have a long and successful career would do anything to jeopardize their ability to work as a Real Estate agent just for the sake of a short term profit from kickbacks.

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