Home styles are more diverse than ever in Bend, both in terms of architecture and interior design, and consumers are updating existing homes and building new ones reflective of current national trends. According to new research from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the top home styles favored by consumers are:

mid-century style modern living room in bend, oregon

Mid-century modern inspired architecture in the NorthWest Crossing neighborhood of Bend, Oregon.

  • Modern 47.9%
  • Farmhouse / Country 24%
  • Rustic 20.9%
  • Minimalist 16.7%
  • Traditional 16.5%
  • Eclectic 11.3%
  • Coastal 11%
  • Art Deco 9.4%
  • Arts and Crafts 9.1%
  • Bohemian 8.8%

The diverse styles of our recent listings are reflective of this range. On the modern side, this NorthWest Crossing home was designed with a midcentury modern aesthetic that is both minimalist and nostalgic. Another listing in Tetherow, where many modern homes are being built, is a new construction with a modern framework that could be interpreted in various styles depending on how its new owners decorate its interior.

The farmhouse style is also popular right now in Bend. From newer homes with a modern farmhouse style like this energy-efficient cottage in NorthWest Crossing that just went pending, to older homes on acreage like this historic farmhouse in Tumalo which has been thoughtfully updated while preserving its original character, farmhouse style is an adaptable, comfortable way of living.

The “Bend-style” Craftsman, a ubiquitous local architectural style that has roots in the Arts and Crafts movement, continues to be sought after for its lodge-like simplicity and warmth. Our new listing in NorthWest Crossing is a Craftsman home that balances period-style carpentry with a modern floor plan.

We also see gorgeous homes that successfully blend modern, traditional and rustic styles with stunning results like this new listing on five acres between Bend and Tumalo. Whether described as “mountain modern” or “rustic chic,” homes like this one perfectly embrace their Central Oregon setting with down-to-earth sophistication.

Our sellers continually impress us with the ingenuity and thoughtfulness that goes into the updates they make to their homes, both for their own enjoyment and lifestyle, and also with a long-term goal of staging and resale. Need advice on what updates and styling would attract today’s buyers? We’re always happy to answer your questions about bringing your home to the market and hope you’ll contact us for guidance.

See the detailed breakout of the NAR research, including which styles resonate the most with men and women, here.