radiant orchid

Are you planning on painting the inside of your Bend Oregon Home before selling it in 2014? If so, one of the colors that home buyers will be searching for in 2014 is a color called “Radiant Orchid”. This color was recently announced by Pantone as its official color for 2014 and it’s easy to see why since Radiant Orchid is a mix of purple, fuchsia and pink that makes it an easy color to love especially by someone who might not have thought about painting their walls anything other than white.

Hello Purple

Besides Pantone more paint companies are jumping on the purple “bandwagon” and naming their own purple colors the official color for 2014. Sherwin-Williams just recently named its “Exclusive Plum” as their official color of 2014 but Pantone is standing by its own Radiant Orchid color by calling it a color that will bring health and joy to any room.

Breathe New Life into Your Walls

It doesn’t matter which color you decide to paint the walls of your Bend Oregon Home because, using colors like Radiant Orchid, Exclusive Plum, turquoise, teal or yellow will literally bring a boring room back to life and help any potential home buyer to see your home as the right place for them.

Think About Accent Walls

If you can’t decide on painting all of the walls in each room of your Bend Oregon home a different color you should consider painting one wall in each room of your home and having those walls be “accent walls” that bring pops of color into each room because, creating an accent wall is also a great way to get the “feel” for a color before deciding to spend the time and money painting all of the walls in one room the same color.

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