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If you’re a fan of TV shows like House Hunters you will have seen many episodes where buyers are searching for homes with Open Floor Plans but it could be that the demand for this type of floor plan is slowly decreasing.

Thanks to a recent article in the New York Times we know that some homeowners are favoring separate kitchens and dining rooms once again versus the Open Concept Floor Plan that has been in high demand for the last few years.

New Building

The demand for separate kitchens and dining rooms is starting to become the “new normal” in home designs across the United States and many home builders are catching on by building their homes with separate kitchens and corridors to accommodate the demand of home buyers.

Although an open concept floor plan is a great idea, especially if you have children, it’s not always the best if you entertain guests in your home frequently because, guests can see everything that goes on in the kitchen including seeing the dirty dishes in the kitchen once the meal is finished.

The Importance of Separate Spaces

More home buyers these days seem to be over the open concept floor plan and like having a separate space to keep those dirty dishes so they can enjoy having their guests over without looking into the kitchen and seeing the big stack of dishes that are waiting to be washed.

Another reason why buyers are cooling on the open floor plan trend is because, it’s not always easy to fit a dining room table into a home with an open floor plan because, and the open floor plan doesn’t have a defined dinning space.

Besides the importance around the dining room table most home buyers could be searching for homes with separate dining rooms and kitchens because, they bring back a sense of nostalgia from their childhoods and most home buyers want to be able to create the same type of environment for their children as they grow older.

Hybrid Kitchens

Yes, the open floor plan appears to be on its way out but at least for the next couple of years most home builders will be accommodating the wishes of home buyers who favor the open floor plan by creating “hybrid kitchens” that can still be considered open concept but can also be closed off from the rest of the house thanks to pocket doors.

What are your thoughts on open floor plans? Feel free to leave me a comment today!

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