New Home

Thanks to recent data by the National Housing Trend Report that was released on Wednesday, we know that prices for single family homes continued to rise across the United States during the month of April.

The Real Estate Market is in good shape right now because, home prices are rising moderately compared to the double digit gains that we saw in 2013 and that’s even with increasing home inventories in cities like Bend, Portland and other major cities across United States.

More Optimism in 2014 vs. 2013 for Home Buyers

Are sellers more optimistic than they were one year ago?

If you ask any Realtor in Central Oregon or across United States, the answer is yes because, the median list price for a home nationwide is $207,500 and, that’s an increase of 6.5% compared to last year.

National Housing Trend Report & Opportunity for First Time Home Buyers

Besides the good news from the National Housing Trend Report about the moderate increase in home prices we also know that in 2014 30% of homes purchased were bought by first-time home buyers.

That’s encouraging because, it was very difficult for first time home buyers to purchase homes last year since most first-time home buyers rely on financing to purchase homes compared to all cash buyers.

The Right Time to Buy?

Is now the right time for you to buy a home in Bend Oregon? The answer is yes.

Thanks to the improving economy in Bend, great local attractions and abundant recreational activities, there’s never been a better time than to buy a home in one of Oregon’s fastest growing cities.

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