national open house weekend

Are Bend Oregon Open Houses effective for selling homes? The answer to this question depends on the Realtor that you ask because, these days there are Real Estate Agents in Bend, and across the United States, who are for and against open houses.

Over the last few years the National Open House Weekend was a great weekend for Real Estate Agents in Bend, and across nationwide to have their open houses, and showcase the homes that they were selling, but this year the event will be canceled because, local Realtor’s associations agreed with the National Association of Realtor’s at their meeting to not stage the event this year.

Thing Of The Past?

“They just felt that the event had run its course,” NAR spokeswoman Sara Wiskerchen said in an interview recently when asked about her opinion on why National Open House Weekend was canceled, and her feelings seem to echo the thoughts of many Realtor’s across the United States on the ineffectiveness of open houses as a whole.

Low Inventory Concerns

One of the biggest reasons why National Open House Weekend was canceled was due to the low home inventory in many Real Estate markets across the United States but the general lack of interest in Realtor’s having open houses can also be attributed to the rise in popularity of Real Estate websites like Zillow, Trulia and Active Rain which give consumers the ability to shop for homes online and be much more knowledgeable about a home than they could be if they attended an open house.

Internet Changing How Homes Are Shown

For other Realtor’s their lack of interest in open houses can also be attributed to the Internet because, Real Estate agents these days have the ability to accurately match homes with buyers and sellers, saving time and money on both sides of the table, helping homes to be bought and sold faster compared to just a few years ago.

What are your thoughts on National Open House weekend being canceled? Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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