By Jason Boone

BEND – Over the last 30 days we’ve seen mortgage interest rates increase slightly to 3.80% for a 30-year fixed mortgage loan (up 3 basis points from February) and 3.03 percent for a 15-year fixed mortgage loan.


How to Get the Best Deal on a Mortgage Loan

Step 1 – Check your credit reports and remove for any negative or inaccurate information which may be reported about you.

Step 2 – Pay down your debts since this will also help to lower your debt-to-income ratio and make mortgage repayment easier.

Step 3 – Be transparent when applying for a mortgage and don’t hesitate to provide documentation for everything including sources of income.

Step 4 – Have a down payment of at least 20 percent ready to buy a home since this will make you more attractive to potential lenders.

Step 5 – Ask about fees like the origination fee BEFORE signing since these fees can make your loan more expensive.

 Great Time to Buy In Bend

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Bend and haven’t decided to make it happen yet, now is a great time to buy a home.

Don’t wait for mortgage interest rates to keep falling though since home prices are only expected to continue increasing across Bend and Central Oregon

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