bend oregon building permit

More homes were built in Bend and across Central Oregon this year compared to the last five years thanks to great conditions in the Real Estate market like low mortgage interest rates, and a continued demand for homes, which has resumed construction at many of Central Oregon’s best developments like Northwest Crossing.

Bend Oregon Permits

With December coming to an end, and a new year getting set to begin, it’s time to take a look at which companies had the most permits for 2013 and where the major new home construction is happening this year.

The top company in 2013 who had the most permits in Bend was Pahlisch homes, with 124 permits total. Hayden Enterprises came in at a close second with 105 permits. After these two companies the other leading Oregon Construction companies with the most permits for Bend were:

  • PACW EST II – 32 permits
  • Franklin Brothers, LLC – 28 permits
  • Wood Hill Enterprises, LLC – 22 permits
  • Signature home builders, LLC – 18 permits

Redmond Oregon Permits

It’s no surprises that Redmond was a close second for permits in 2013 as the city saw an increase in subdivision construction compared to 2012. For Redmond, the top Central Oregon Construction company in 2013 was Hayden Homes, LLC with 37 permits total, they were followed by Karoma Properties, LLC with 9 permits and Dunlap Fine Homes with 8 permits total.

2014 Expectations

Central Oregon new home construction will continue in 2014 as mortgage interest rates will continue to remain low and more people will be considering buying new homes vs. older homes because, new home construction offers a variety of benefits including:

  • You have more control over the design and flow of your home.
  • No remodel or renovation will be needed when you move in.

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