Although there were 16% fewer new listings in April than in March, the available inventory held steady at 222 active listings of homes in Bend. Last month, there were 167 new listings, down from 198 in March.

The median sales price of a Bend home was down slightly, from $680,000 in March to $669,100 in April. According to our weekly data, there are an average of 16 price reductions on homes in Bend each week.

Home sales and pending sales continued to trend upward last month, with a 3% increase of sales and a 4% increase of pending sales in Bend. There were 129 home sales in April and 181 homes went pending. Compared to April 2022, there were 20% fewer pending sales last month and 30% fewer home sales.

Homes are taking longer to sell than a year ago, with homes on the market for an average of 45 days last month compared to only 13 days in April 2022.

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Graph showing the trend of active listings in Bend over the past 13 months


Median Home Price

  • The median sales price of a home in Bend is down 2%, from $680,000 in March to $669,100 in April.
  • In April 2022, the median home price was $769,000.

New Listings

  • There were 16% fewer new listings of Bend homes last month, from 198 in March to 167 in April.
  • Year-over-year, new listings were down 46% (there were 308 new listings in April 2022).

Home Sold and Pending Sales

  • Home sales in Bend were up 3% last month, from 125 in March to 129 in April.
  • Pending sales were up 4% in April, from 174 in March to 181 last month.
  • Compared with April 2022, pending sales were down 20% last month, and home sales were down 30%.
  • Last April, 185 homes in Bend sold and 226 went pending.

Active Listings and Months of Inventory

  • The number of active listings in Bend was steady at 222 month-to-month.
  • Compared to April 2022, active listings were up 19% last month.
  • There is 1.7 months of inventory in Bend, a 70% increase over April 2022 when there was 1.0 month’s worth.
  • In March of this year, there was 1.8 months’ worth of inventory.

Days on Market and Price Reductions

  • It takes an average of 45 days to sell a home in Bend, just a little quicker than the average of 47 days in March.
  • Nationally, homes spend about 49 days on the market before selling.
  • Last April, homes were selling in an average of only 13 days.
  • There are an average of 16 price reductions weekly based on our data from the last six weeks.