Bend Oregon Home Value

If you’re planning on buying or selling your Bend home learn what really affects the value of a home

By Jason Boone

BEND – As a top Bend Oregon Realtor I’ve been asked the question “what affects the value of my home?” many times buy both buyers and sellers.

The answer to this question can’t be broken down into one word because, it’s something that involves many factors including the following:

Your Homes Location

The first thing that affects the value of your home is where it’s located.

For example – Is your bend Oregon home located next to a factory, cul-de-sac, jail or is it close to desirable amenities like a public park?

The location of your home is definitely important because, if your home is located next to let’s say something that is “less than perfect”, this could negatively affect your Realtor’s ability to sell your home quickly.

What Is The Condition Of Your Home?

Besides the location of your home being an important factor when it comes to its value, the next most important thing that will determine your home’s value is its condition.

Does your home have recent renovations that you’ve made within the last two years? If so, you should be able to sell your home with confidence knowing that you will build to get your asking price for it and more.

Is your home in poor condition?

Have you renovated it at all within the last decade?

If your home doesn’t have recent renovations or you have made improvements to it, this will affect your price since a home buyer will submit a lower offer on a home because, they will have to make repairs or renovations to it to make it move-in ready and livable.

Is Your Home In A “Desirable” Location?

Last of all, but most important, is your home in a desirable location?

Some of the most desirable locations in Bend are Mt. Bachelor, Drake Park, Downtown or near the Les Schwab Amphitheater.

People want to buy a home that’s near a desirable location and if your home is close to a place that people want to live, especially if that location has awesome amenities likes a clubhouse, tennis courts, pool or spa, this will enable your Realtor to more effectively market your home and attract the right buyers.

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