Decorating like this is easy and can increase the value of your home

Simple Decorating Tips To Help You Decorate Your Dream Home

By Jason Boone

As a long time Bend Oregon Realtor I’ve had both buyers and sellers ask me for simple decorating tips that they can use to increase the value of their homes.

In this post I will cover four simple decorating tips that will both increase the value of your Bend Oregon home and turn it into the home that you’ve been dreaming about.

When to Choose Paint

Since it’s harder to remove or paint over a wall color that you don’t like compared to how easy it is to remove and replace furniture you should decorate a room in reverse by choosing a focal piece of furniture, furnishings or artwork first, then choose your wall color after that.

Don’t Buy a Lot of Furniture

It may be hard to resist stuffing a room with a lot of furniture but the reality is that decorating a room with the least amount of furniture will make a room feel more spacious, especially if you group furniture away from the walls in a room and focus on creating conversation areas.

Hang Artwork Correctly

If you have paintings or pictures that you would love to hang in your home remember that it’s always important to hang artwork based on human scale so that the average person can enjoy it.

Use Rugs Correctly

In many Bend Oregon homes there are hardwood floors and many homeowners will use rugs to break up spaces and insulate rooms during the winter months.

When using rugs it’s important to group furniture correctly on rugs by either going with the strategy of putting all of the furniture on the rug, keeping all of the furniture off the rug or by putting just the feet of the furniture on the rug so the room will have a unified design and look.

Buyers and Sellers Welcome

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