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This Post Will Get You Started On the Path to Home Ownership


By Jason Boone


BEND – Over the years during my Real Estate career I’ve met home buyers who have saved money for a down payment on a home in Bend, reviewed home listings online and know the specifics of the home they are looking for but there’s one thing left for them to do:


“Pull the trigger” on homeownership.


If you’ve completed all of the steps to become a homeowner but you haven’t started to search for a home in Bend with 100% dedication this post will help you to get started with moving in the right direction of buying a home.


Step 1 – Make Sure Your Finances Are Ready


Before buying a Bend Oregon Home for sale make sure that your finances are really ready for the additional costs of homeownership like utility bills, homeowners insurance and taxes because you will have additional monthly or annual costs after buying a home which you don’t currently have right now.


Why not create a homeownership budget which will include your additional monthly costs which come from owning a home just to see if you’re really ready to own a piece of Bend Oregon Real Estate?


Step 2 – Connect With A Realtor


Hiring a Bend Oregon Realtor is important because your Real Estate agent will be your advocate who guides you during your home search in Bend.


Besides showing you all available properties which match your criteria, your Real Estate agent will also be available for answering complex questions regarding Real Estate and will be someone who can assure you don’t make mistakes especially if you’re buying a home for the first time.


Step 3 – Get Ready For Some Risk


As a homeowner you will have to be ready for some risks which come with owning a home like replacing a water heater, or a leak in your basement, that’s why it’s important to be ready for risk by having some cash reserves saved up just in case you encounter a “rainy day” and need to move quickly to solve problems in your home.


To get a good idea of some of the potential problems or risks which come with homeownership you should ask a trusted friend, relative or co-worker who owns their own home about the potential risks which come with owning a home just so you’re better prepared.

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