home staging

Learn More about Home Staging and How It Can Help Your Home Sell


By Jason Boone

Thanks to a recent article by Realtor.com which offered plenty of home staging tips we are reminded once again of the importance of home staging and how it can make your home attractive even to buyers that you thought would never have an interest in purchasing your home.

Seeing Your Home in a New Light

In the Real Estate article Leta and Carl, owners of a beautiful home in Hamden, Connecticut were able to easily stage and breathe new life into their drab 2,800 square foot home by following the home staging advice of their Realtor.

Their hard work paid off and before they even listed their home the couple’s daughter and her husband made an offer on the home because, they could now see the home as move in ready and a place that they potentially wanted to move and raise of family of their own.

Easy Home Staging Tips

Step 1 – Go through each room in your home and place the contents of the room on the floor.

Step 2 – Separate the contents of each room in boxes and only keep the items out that you or your family use regularly.

Step 3 – Box up and place all items in storage that you’re not currently using or maybe won’t use again until the fall or winter months.

Step 4 – You should also remove most of the furniture from each room as well because, keeping a minimal amount of furniture per room will help the rooms in your home to look bigger and more spacious.

Step 5 – Place children’s toys and games into storage bins that can easily be put into a closet or on a shelf at a moment’s notice.

Get More Practical Real Estate Advice

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