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Create a clearly defined path to your front door.

Save Time and Money by Improving Curb Appeal with These Simple Tips

By Jason Boone

As a homeowner who is planning on selling their Bend Home one of the best things that you can do to insure that more people get out of their cars to visit your home is to improve your homes curb appeal.

In this post I will break down five simple tips which you can follow to improve the curb appeal of your home and attract the interest of home buyers.

Tip 1 – Start at the Curb

When you are standing at the curb in front of your house what is the first thing that you see? If your home has an old mail box that hasn’t been updated since you moved in you should replace that mail box with a new steel mail box.

If you have a fence surrounding your home you should paint it then prune back any trees or shrubs that would make it difficult for homebuyers to see your home from the street.

Tip 2 – Create a Path to Front Door

From the curb you should create a clearly defined path that leads to your front door so that a home buyer will know exactly how to enter your home.

If you have to walk across grass to get to your front door you should invest in pavers and create a path from the curb to your front door.

Tip 3 – Spruce up Your Front Door

Take a sander to your homes front door and repaint it a color that will cause it to “pop” or stand out from the street.

Some of the popular front door colors for 2014 include: Moroccan Red, Beeswax, Sunburst, Evening Sky and Classic Green.

Tip 4 – Got Shutters? Paint Them

If your home has a classic look which includes shutters you should first clean those shutters then repaint them a bold color which makes the uniqueness of this feature stand out.

Tip 5 – Most Important Curb Appeal Tip – Update Exterior Fixtures

Last of all, but most important, you should update any exterior fixtures that appear to be fading.

Some of the fixtures that you can update on your home today include your house numbers, light fixtures, door hardware and LED lights for walkways.

Your goal with the curb appeal for your home should be to make your curb appeal feel fresh and lovingly maintained so that potential home buyers are lured to get out of their vehicles when they see your home from the street instead of driving to the next home.

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