garage organization

Father’s Day 2014 is right around the corner and one of the best things that you can do for your husband; dad or significant other who loves to work in their garage is to give them the gift of organization by helping them to organize their garage.

An investment that will pay off

We all know that kitchens and bathrooms are the key points that buyers look at in homes but garages are also important too and if a garage looks messy or unorganized the buyer will move onto the next home for sale.

Organization made simple

To get started with organizing your garage you should place everything that you use in your garage right in the middle of your garage floor and then group items based on their size and use.

This tip is important because, it will give you a good idea on the space or cabinets that will be needed to store each item in an efficient manner.

Tips for buying cabinets

If you plan on buying cabinets for your garage make sure that you purchase tall cabinets that have double doors because, they typically come with adjustable shelves that will enable you to utilize the space inside the cabinet properly.

Important tip – Most garages have their fair share of toxic chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers or paints that are used around the home and these chemicals should be safeguarded by purchasing a lockable cabinet just so children are unable to gain access to them.

Create mobile work spaces

During the process of buying cabinets make sure that you purchase at least one small cabinet that has casters because, this will enable you to have a mobile work space whenever you’re working on a project and need to have a flat surface that’s easily accessible.

Mount your gear

Last of all, but most important, you should purchase wall mounted racks and hooks to hang your tools or equipment that you use around your garage.

Besides hanging up your tools you should also hang your sports gear like your snowboards just so you can keep the items that you use during the year easily accessible instead of buried underneath a pile of stuff.

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