seller mistakes

Are you planning on selling your Bend Oregon Home in 2014? You’re not alone. Many homeowners will plan on selling their homes this year, and they will be successful, but for other homeowners their homes will stay on the Bend Oregon Real Estate Market for a lot longer than they expected because, they mad these common seller mistakes.

Home Wasn’t Available For Showing

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners across the United States have made when selling their homes is not making their homes available for showing when their Realtors have an interested buyer who wants to see the home.

Thanks to recent statistics from we know that 34% of homeowners who sold their homes recently made this mistake and you can avoid it by keeping the lines of communication open with your Realtor so that when something comes up on your schedule your Realtor will be aware of it so they won’t try showing your home when you or your family is still there.

Home Was Overpriced

Another common mistake that 77% of homeowners across the United States have made recently when selling their homes is that they overpriced their homes because, they were hopeful that they could take advantage of buyer demand and low inventory to get more for their home than its current market value.

You never want to overprice your home because, even in a sellers-market buyers will know what a home is really worth thanks to online resources like Trulia or Zillow and they will stay away from overpriced homes.

If you overprice your home it will stay on the Bend Oregon Real Estate market for a lot longer than you originally expected it would and you will most likely have to lower your asking price and sell your home for less than what you think it’s worth.

Leaving the Clutter

Last of all, but most important, another common mistake that 32% of homeowners made when selling their homes recently was forgetting to de-clutter their homes and leaving a messy, packed home for their Realtor to show interested buyers.

It’s been proven time and again that if you take the time to remove the excess clutter from your home you will help your home to look a lot bigger and more spacious than it would if you left all your belongings there during the time that it’s for sale.

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