In 2013 it’s not hard to spot Bend Oregon Homes For Sale that have odd shaped rooms, that are advertised as being additional bedrooms, when in reality these rooms should never be classified as a being bedrooms in the first place.

To save you time and money in your Bend Home Search I’m going to breakdown how to define what a bedroom is in a Bend Oregon Home.

Bedroom Window

A bedroom in a Bend Oregon Home for Sale should first have a window that can be used for an escape or rescue if needed. Ideally a bedroom should have a window that’s at least 44 inches or more above the floor so that the occupant of the room can easily get out in case of fire or worse.

Garage Access?

If you find a bedroom directly off a garage in any Bend Oregon Home for Sale that’s a big “no-no” because, bedrooms that are next to garages can be seriously hazardous to the occupant of the room thanks to chemical fumes that may come from the garage, fire or worse.

You can still buy a home that has a “room” that’s right off the garage; just don’t use it for a bedroom or a space that you or your guests might be using frequently.

Water Heater

For safety sake you should not consider a room to be a bedroom if it has a water heater or furnace in the room because, water heaters and furnaces have very specific venting requirements and it can be very dangerous to sleep near them.

Smoke Alarms

Last of all, but most important, you should search for a bathroom that has a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm that’s at least 15 feet away from the bedroom. This is another key element of safety when inspecting a Bend Oregon Home for Sale and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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