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Learn How to Examine a Roof Before You Submit an Offer on a Bend Oregon Home

One of the most important things that you should inspect when purchasing a Bend Oregon Home for sale is the roof of the home because, an average roof can cost up to $30,000, or more, and you can save yourself the time, money and hassle of having to replace a roof to a home, after you purchase it, if you know what to look for before submitting an offer.


The first thing to look for when inspecting the roof to a Bend Oregon Home is to see if there are tall trees around the attic of the home because, trees can keep the roof and attic area shaded during Bend’s warm summer months and that means any moisture in the attic that’s accumulated over the years will not dry out and mold or mushrooms can grow easily inside that attic or on the roof itself.


Depending on the age of the house, a Bend Oregon Home For Sale should have a maximum of two (2) layers of shingles on the roof because, each time another layer of shingles is added this only increases the weight of the roof and the possibility of a major roof repair in the future the next time Bend has a heavy snow or rain fall.


All roofs need to breathe, literally, and if there are not any vents or slots added for the roof to air out it’s only a matter of time until the homeowners starts to have mold and mushrooms growing in the attic thanks to moisture that hasn’t been able to vent.


Last of all, but most important, the attic for a Bend Oregon Home should be inspected because, many times roofers can become overzealous when it comes to applying insulation and the insulation that they apply can also block vents as well so it’s best to examine the exterior of a roof and the thoroughly examine the attic before deciding to submit an offer on a Bend Oregon Home.

If it looks like the roof has been the product of many do-it-yourself roofing jobs over the years then the reality is that the roof most likely needs to be repaired and replaced.

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