deschutes county homes

New Construction was definitely on the rise in Deschutes County during January and February including the sales of Residential Bend Oregon Homes as there were 24 new residential homes sold in January and 43 sold in February.

Builder Home Sales

Besides the great news about new residential home sales in Deschutes County for January and February 2014, builder home sales also increased as well too.

Bend Oregon Home builder Hayden Homes sold six homes in January, and 17 homes in February, while Greg Welch Construction, Pahlisch Homes and other well-known Central Oregon builders also had strong sales in the first two months of 2014 as well.

Residential Plat Activity

Thanks to Deschutes Builder Services we know that residential plat activity is increasing in Deschutes County as well with four plats sold at Aspen Rim and Eagles Landing last month.

When we add up all of the residential plats sold across Deschutes County there were a total of 46 sold in the month of February as a whole.

Average Sales Price for Bend New Home Sales

Both January and February were very busy months for new home sales in Bend as there were many homes sold in the North East, North West, South East and South West areas of Bend. The average sales prices for homes sold in these areas are as follows:

Bend NE – $250,691

Bend NW – $484,684

Bend SE – $303,408

Bend SW – $256,294

Vacant Lot Sales

Last of all, but still as important is the topic of vacant lot sales across Bend as dozens of vacant lots were purchased by Bend Oregon builders.

The one company that stands out with the most vacant lot purchases is Pahlisch Homes as they bought 13 vacant lots across Bend.

Greg Welch Construction purchased two lots in the Northwest Crossing development for $125,000 and $152,000 while other Dechutes county builders including: Young Construction company purchased vacant lots in Northwest Crossing and at other developments across Bend.

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