By Jason Boone

If you follow Central Oregon Business News you know that one of the biggest names in the business community here is the Cascade Angels Fund, an organization which has made the start up’s of many local companies a reality.

Thanks to recent news from www.bizjournals.com we know that the Cascade Angels Fund is getting ready to receive an investment from the Oregon Growth Board of close to $100,000.

Encouraging News for Central Oregon

If the Cascade Angels Fund can raise $500,000 in investments, the Oregon Growth Board is set to invest two installments of $50,000.

Last year the Cascade Angels Fun invested close to $400,000 in growing companies across Central Oregon, and two of those companies include: Poached Jobs and Amplion.

Cascade Angels Group is managed by the Harrelson Group; CEO Julie Harrelson was encouraged by the states investment and said this about it: “This investment in the 2015 Fund is a vote of confidence in our early efforts and an incentive to build a larger fund to provide local, patient capital for launch stage companies,”

Now Is the Right Time to Grow Your Business

If you’ve been thinking about growing your Central Oregon business now is the right time.

The Cascade Angels Fund appreciation period continues to be open to companies who are in the launch stage.

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