Home Appreciation

By Jason Boone

Thanks to a recent report from the Bend Bulletin we know that home prices in Bend Oregon have continued to increase at a fast pace and actually ranked number 10 in the nation for home price increases back in December 2014.

Year over Year Increases

Home prices in Bend actually increased by close to 12 percent in December when compared with Q4 2013.

The statistics come from the Bend-Redmond area.

Although the statistics from December are good news for area homeowners, home prices in Bend have increased by close to 30 percent over the last five years.

As of January 2015 the median home price for a Bend Oregon home was $322,000 while in Redmond the median home price was just $218,000.

Make 2015 Your Year to Buy

During the last three months home prices across the United States have increased by 1.4 percent and are expected to continue increasing as the year moves forward.

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Bend, Redmond or elsewhere in Central Oregon make 2015 your year to buy.

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