By Jason Boone

The top story for Bend Oregon News in the last week is that the city needs an estimated $80 million dollars to put towards improving over 800 miles of roads across Bend.

One of the biggest reasons why Bend needs a huge investment of capital to repair or renovate local roads now is because it costs 12 times more to repair local roads compared to what the city would have had to spend on roads if they were able to be maintained when needed.

Pedestrian and Bike Projects

Besides the investment in roads across Bend, the city also needs another $40 million to invest in pedestrian and bike projects.

Right now local residents are waiting on the Governor of Oregon, and the State Legislature, to vote on approving funding for a huge transportation package which would pump badly needed dollars into renovating Bend’s infrastructure and also millions of more dollars across the state for other road projects.

Running Out Of Time?

As of June 1st 2015 one common thing that lawmakers can agree on is that they agree to disagree on how and when a transportation package should be funded since there are many voices making their interests known right now including AAA, special interest groups, businesses and politicians from local governments.

Many people who follow Bend Oregon News are hopeful that this issue will be approved before the end of 2015, but some analysts including Craig Campbell, an AAA lobbyist are saying that Bend residents could have to wait until 2017 to see any real progress made on improving local roads.

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