By Jason Boone

BEND, Ore – In 2015 there are lots of articles online about what improvements you should make to your home to INCREASE its value, but which home improvements can DECREASE the value of your home?

In today’s post I will list the top 3 home improvements you should not make to your home if you don’t want to lower its value.

Improper Use of a Bedroom

Although you may be thinking about adding a bar, playroom or billiards room to your home, make sure you don’t use one of the bedrooms in your home for this purpose.

Most home buyers are searching for homes with at least 3 bedrooms so it’s best to keep this in mind if you want to preserve the resale value of your home.

Tip – If your home has a 4th bedroom it’s also best to keep that room as a bedroom as well since many home buyers are also searching for a home with a 4th bedroom during their search.

Above Ground Pool

Yes, Bend can get hot during the summer but that doesn’t mean you should consider adding an above ground pool.

Why? Above ground pools are usually considered to be an “eyesore” and will offer a LOW return on your investment in the pool especially since they are hard to maintain, and don’t last over the years.

Painted Trim

Last of all, but most important, another thing you don’ want to do is paint the trim in your home.

Painting the trim in your home is a bad home improvement decision to make since trim is regarded as harder to repaint than painting the average wall and most buyers want to purchase a home with neutral wall colors anyway.

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