Bend Oregon Vacation Rental

By Jason Boone

Last week the Bend Oregon City Council voted to limit vacation rentals when they supported a new licensing program which is going to change Bend’s land use code and ultimately limit the amount of homes which we have in Bend that are used as vacation rentals.

Decrease That Density

In a recent interview regarding the Bend Oregon City Council’s goal to limit vacation rentals, City Councilor Nathan Boddie went on record as saying: “The intention is that over time we decrease that density”.

Good or Bad For Bend?

Although many people cheered the City Council’s decision to limit vacation rentals the question has to be asked if this decision is good or bad for Bend Oregon?

Many people will side with the Bend Oregon City Council because they feel that vacation rentals make bad neighbors, but will fewer vacation rentals ultimately hurt our local economy? Only time will tell.

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