By Jason Boone

Winter officially begins on December 21st this year but winter weather in Bend Oregon began a few weeks ago with heavy snow.

Thanks to cold temperatures we’ve continued to have winter like weather which is expected to continue for weeks to come.

To make sure your family stays safe this winter here are 7 tips you can use to stay safe during this winter.

Tip 1 – Replace Batteries in Your Detectors

Winter is a great time to replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Since winter is one season where we all will be using our heaters, furnaces and fireplaces it’s important to make sure our detectors have fresh batteries to prevent potential tragedies from carbon monoxide poisoning from occurring.

Tip 2 – Got A Chimney? Get It Cleaned

If your Bend Oregon home has a chimney you should get it cleaned immediately by a licensed chimney cleaner since soot and debris can build up in a chimney all year long and make them dangerous to use during the winter.

Tip 3 – Clear Your Gutters

To avoid water damage to your roof get your gutters cleaned now to insure rain water and snow melt has a place to go during the winter.

Tip 4 – Prepare Your Family for Heavy Snowfall

Last year several people died across Central Oregon when we had heavy snowfall.

To avoid potential tragedy to your family during heavy snowfall make sure everyone knows where to go and what to do when it snows.

Tip 5 – Prepare For the Unexpected

Recently we experienced power outages due to high winds across Bend and Redmond.

To prepare for the unexpected make sure your family has an emergency kit ready which will include: candles, blankets, food, water and a cell phone which you only use during emergencies.

Tip 6 – Winterize Your Vehicle

By now you should have switched your vehicle to studded tires or have chains in your vehicle ready to use when it snows heavily in Bend or across Central Oregon.

You should also winterize your vehicle by purchasing new wiper blades, checking all of the fluids in your engine, testing your battery and packing a winter emergency kit if you get caught in your vehicle during a heavy snow storm.

Tip 7 – Get Your Winter Tools Ready

Last of all, but most important, you should make sure your snow shovel, scrapers, snow blower and other winter tools are ready for use at a moment’s notice once it starts snowing.

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