curb appeal bend oregon home

Winter in Bend Oregon is gradually winding down and that means with warmer weather we can expect to see more home buyers searching for homes in the coming weeks and months.

If you plan on selling your home in 2014 but haven’t thought about curb appeal, here’s five curb appeal tips that you can use immediately to get your Bend Oregon Home ready for sale.

Clean Up Your Garden

Yes, it’s cold outside but that doesn’t mean you should let your garden look neglected. Take the time to clean up any dead leaves or dead plants that remain from last season, to make sure that even if nothing is growing, your garden will look like a blank canvas for any home buyer to imagine what they will plant there.

Remove Lawn Ornaments

Almost everyone has their favorite lawn ornament that they’ve acquired over the years but they reality with these things is that they can be distractions and considered tacky by a home buyer so you should remove any ornament that remains in your lawn.

De-Clutter Your Yard

If you have bikes, kayaks or other outdoor gear in your yard that you use during the year take the time to remove these items and place them in storage because, your goal when showing your home is to present a yard that’s big and spacious to any home buyer.

Help You’re Neighbors Clean Up

You may be working hard to clean up your yard but what about your neighbors? If they haven’t made any efforts to clean up their yards in some time you might want to help them out because, having neighbors with cluttered or messy yards can have a negative effect on your Bend Oregon home.

Remove Eyesores

Last of all, but most important, if your yard has a rusted car port, ancient project cars that you never started or other “eyesores” that are lying around in disrepair it’s time to remove these things as well because, once again anything that is unsightly in your yard can be a potential distraction to a home buyer.

To learn more tips about how to improve your homes curb appeal or to view the latest Bend Oregon homes for sale contact me today by calling (541) 383-1426.