Bend Oregon Home

Bend Oregon Home

By Jason Boone

Winter is not only a great time to list your Bend Oregon Home for sale, it’s a great time to get your home ready for sale too, especially if you plan on selling sometime in the spring.

In today’s post I will cover 3 steps you can follow to get your home ready for sale now. These steps are all things you can do yourself to insure that you will be able to sell your home for your asking price and have a smooth sale.

Step 1 – Clean Your Home Thoroughly

You should start cleaning your home on the outside by washing windows and then remove any trash or debris that may be on your property.

After cleaning the outside of your home you should focus on the inside of your home by cleaning windows and steam cleaning your carpets, wood floors and upholstery.

Step 2 – Start Staging Your Home Now

When selling your home your number one goal should be to make sure home buyers really see the space that each room in your home will offer them and this is done by staging a home for sale.

Get started with staging now by removing all of the non-essential items from your home that you’re not using on a regular basis and leaving furniture and essential items in each room.

Step 3 – Care for Major Systems in Your Home

There’s at least 6 months until the start of spring and that means plenty of time for you to take care of the major systems in your home now like your heating/air condition system, water heater, dish washer and plumbing.

By having routine maintenance or checkups done on the major systems in your home you can have confidence that there won’t be any “surprises” before you list your home and cause a home buyer to submit a bid for less than what your home is worth.

Step 4 – Sell Your Bend Oregon Home

To get started with selling your Bend Oregon Home contact me, Jason Boone, Principal Broker with Duke Warner Realty | Skjersaa Group by calling me at (541) 383-1426 or by emailing me at