Furniture Arrangement


Changing The Arrangement Of Furniture In Your Home Is Easier Than You Thought!

By Jason Boone

BEND – As a long time Bend Oregon Realtor I’ve met many homeowners over the years who are considering changing the arrangement of the furniture in their homes because they want more space or are considering selling their homes and want to stage them to sell.

Arranging furniture can sometimes be difficult, if you don’t know what you’re doing, but with this simple checklist we’ve made rearranging any space as easy as A, B and C.

Choose a Focal Point in Each Room

Your first goal when arranging the furniture in your Bend Oregon home should be to choose a focal point to build the room around like a fire place or windows which open up to a beautiful view outside.

Arrange the furniture in the room around the focal point with the biggest piece of furniture directed towards the focal point in the room so that guests can enjoy the focal point when they enter that room to relax and enjoy hanging out with each other.

Make Sure the Room Has “Balance”

When arranging the furniture in any room it’s always best to make sure that a room has balance.

For example: place a sofa directly across from another sofa or a bed across from two casual arm chairs.

Focus On Good Flow

As a homeowner you should always make sure that your family and future guests to your home have good walkways to enter and leave one of the rooms in your home without tripping on furniture, rugs or other things that might get in the way.

It’s always best to make sure that a walkway has up to 50 inches of width so that any guest can easily navigate around your home especially if they are using a walker or a wheelchair.

Don’t Be Afraid of Contrasts

Last of all, buy most important, when rearranging or redecorating a room don’t be afraid to use furniture which has a contrast of shapes like a couch with vertical lines paired with an oval shaped coffee table.

Using a contrast of shapes in a room will ultimately help the room to feel more modern and updated than it may right now.

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