It says a lot, in the age of all things digital—with endless apps available to us at the touch of a smart phone that provide news, videos, music, navigation, diet advice, pings and reminders of never-ending to dos—that our annual print calendar is something our clients and colleagues look forward to receiving and enjoying year round. This calendar is a celebration of this beautiful place where we live and its forests, mountains, rivers, deserts, lakes and secret swimming holes beautifully captured by some of our most talented local photographers.

Cover of the 2020 Skjersaa Group annual print calendar featuring landscape photo of the Three Sisters peaks

“Three Sisters” by James Parsons of Extreme Oregon.

Our decision to create the first calendar in 2014 was fueled by the desire to give a meaningful, lasting gift to our clients and colleagues that would remind them each day, each month and each year of our collective gratitude for our community and the natural landscape around us. We knew we didn’t want to create a generic, purely self-promotional print piece that would easily be tossed in the recycling bin, but one that would be used, enjoyed and even proudly displayed.

With that in mind, our team begins work on the next year’s calendar each spring by collaborating with local photographers and our graphic designer to create a beautiful, elegant piece. Our team puts a lot of heart into selecting the images for this annual calendar, and it can be challenging to choose only 13 photos out of the many stunning ones we receive.

The design of our 2020 calendar is finalized and heading to the printer in early October and we can’t wait for you to see it! You can ensure you receive your limited edition Skjersaa Group art calendar by emailing us at to make sure we have your current mailing address.