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Are you thinking about selling your Bend Oregon home?

Before listing your home on the 2014 Real Estate market it’s important to know what are the biggest turn offs that home buyers don’t like to see when they are house hunting.


Overpricing your home is the top mistake that you can make because, in today’s Real Estate market every home buyer has access to the Internet and they can easily look up your home value online to verify if it’s overpriced or not since no home buyer wants to pay more for their mortgage


If you have dogs, cats or pets of any kind make sure that you eliminate all smells that are in your Bend Oregon home because, you may love your home and enjoy it but if a home buyer with a sensitive nose visits they could be turned off by your home’s smells and you could lose a potential home buyer.


Yes, clutter is a big turn off to home buyers because, it makes your home look unorganized and it also hurts the sale of your home because, the buyer will think that your home is smaller than it really is.

Lack of Maintenance

When was the last time that you fixed nagging maintenance issues in your home like non-functioning light switches or broken fixtures? Home buyers hate seeing a home with deferred maintenance because, they will question what else is wrong with the home.

Dark or Out Dated Décor

You may love the retro 1970’s décor of your home but to a home buyer that décor will make your home look out dated and cause them to submit a lower offer on your home than it deserves because, they will be seeing all of the redecorating that needs to be done.

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