Home Buyers Bend Oregon

By Jason Boone

When is it the right time to buy a Bend Oregon Home?

In today’s post we will cover some of the best times in life for you to buy a Bend Oregon Home so you can have confidence no matter where you are at in life that it’s the right time to buy.

You’re Getting Married

If you plan on getting married in 2015 now is the right time to buy a home since it’s possible to buy a home, renovate (if needed), move in and have your home ready before your wedding date.

Your Family Is Expanding

Is your family going to expand in 2015? Congratulations!

Most homeowners will know how you feel when it comes to needing a bigger home since families will feel the strain of trying to fit more family members into an already cramped space that’s why you should start searching for a new home now.

There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve found the right home which has plenty of space for your expanding family.

Are Your Parents Getting Older?

At one point in life you may be facing the decision of what to do for your parents as they age, or you may be there now…..

When this time in life comes it’s best to buy a home since you can find a home which has an in-law suite attached or plenty of land for you to build your parents their own separate space to live on your property.

Is Retirement Right Around The Corner For You?

Last of all, but most important, if retirement is coming up in 5 to 10 years why not buy a home now?

You can buy another Bend Oregon home, rent it out and pay down the mortgage then either live there when you retire or continue renting it out for the income in the future.

For more information on the best time of life to buy a Bend Oregon Home or to view homes for sale across the region contact me, Jason Boone, Principal Broker with Principal Broker at Duke Warner Realty | Skjersaa Group by calling me at (541) 383-1426 or click here to contact me online.