Like so many life experiences in 2020, Thanksgiving will look a lot different for most of us this year. Many of us look forward to large family gatherings, travel and festive holiday shopping, but scaling back our social activities this year helps keep our entire community as safe as possible.

The pandemic has affected our daily lives in Bend profoundly. Many of us are working from home, while others have no choice but to go to work in person as safely as possible. Most of our children can’t attend in-person school and have struggled with distance learning while their parents and teachers do everything possible to support them. We’ve had to limit eating out, live entertainment and social hobbies like bicycle and running races. We canceled vacations. We miss seeing our extended families and cherished friends in person.

It’s important to acknowledge, and even grieve, these sacrifices and losses. But it’s also important to remember so many people in our community are suffering greatly because of the pandemic. Fortunately, there are many organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, as well as individuals who are donating their energy, time and talent, to support those in our community who are most vulnerable right now. You can learn more about Giving Tuesday and how to help our community on Mollie’s new blog.

Appreciating all we do have and can experience is helping our team manage disappointments and worries right now. For example, we are so grateful for the cutting-edge technology that keeps us connected with our clients, friends and extended family members. Here are a few more things we appreciate about life in Bend right now:

  • Our frontline workers who show up every day to our healthcare facilities, groceries, and hardware stores to keep us safe and supplied with essentials.
  • A school district that is providing access to distance learning and additional support to all students in our community.
  • Local businesses that have made graceful pivots to provide products, services and experiences as safely as possible.
  • Tireless non-profit organizations that are providing critical outreach to those most vulnerable in our community right now.
  • A local real estate community that has worked together to ensure the safety of our sellers, buyers, inspectors, contractors and transaction professionals.
  • Access to stunning outdoor spaces in Central Oregon that fill our souls and encourage deep, mindful breaths of fresh air.
  • Small acts of kindness while driving, shopping and taking a walk on the trail.
  • Our children, who are so resilient and adaptable.
  • Our pets, who ground us and get us outside for walks every day.
  • Our homes, which now more than ever, are safe sanctuaries for our families.

On behalf of our entire team, I wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings, maybe one filled with a deeper gratitude than ever for all that you are able to experience and enjoy, even during a pandemic. Stay safe!

– Terry