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With Home Prices Continuing To Rise, What Will Real Estate Market Look Like By December 2014?

Thanks to a recent CoreLogic report we know that home values in Bend Oregon, and across the United States, rose by 11% in the month of December alone, and this was the 22nd consecutive month that home prices had continued to rise across the United States.

The 11 % increase in home prices was the largest increase that we’ve seen since 2005 and Bend Oregon Realtors, as well as top listing agents across the country, are optimistic that home prices will continue to rise throughout 2014.

Optimism for Oregon

There’s been lots of good news about Oregon recently and because of the CoreLogic report we have more good news about our state because, home values here rose by 13.7% in the month of December 2013, compared to December 2012.

Realtors, lenders and more importantly, Anand Nallathambi, the CEO of CoreLogic, are feeling “bullish” about the recovery of the housing market across the United States because, after six years of sputtering, the Real Estate Market in Bend, and across the United States, has continued to enjoy long term sustainable growth, and that’s also a positive sign that our economy is on a path of sustained growth as well too.

What’s Your Plan for 2014?

We’re already into the second month of 2014 and if you’re a Bend Oregon homeowner you should be thinking about what your plan is for this year. Will you sell your Bend Oregon home and move up to a large home in Bend? Or will you purchase another home for a vacation rental / income property?

You can save thousands of dollars, over the lifetime of a mortgage on a Bend Oregon home by purchasing now compared to waiting for a few months since home prices are only expected to continue rising in Bend as well as mortgage interest rates.

Whatever decision let me help you find the right Bend Oregon home for you. Contact me today for a free Real Estate consultation by calling (541) 383-1426.